Message from the Board of Directors

Jubilee Enterprise Public Company Limited ("the Company") conducts its businesses under a strategic direction towards sustainable development in parallel with transparent corporate governance, ethics, and responsible towards every stakeholder group. In 2017, the global economic fundamentals showed slight growth and Thailand’s economy growth beyond market expectations. The company committed to continuous development amidst the fast-changing world, technologies and consumer behaviors, which shaped the contemporary consumer lifestyles. Through innovations and creative ideas, the company continues to develop the new products of which creates the consumer preferences and pivotally supports the local and nationwide economies. Prior year was the year of success for the company in which the business operations were carried out as planned and targeted results were achieved.

The operational results for the year 2017, the company had revenues from sales of Baht 1,542.42 million increased from the same period of year 2016 by Baht 162.43 million or increased by 11.77 percent. The major reasons of the increase in revenues from sales were due to the effective sales and marketing strategies from the productive usage of database. The launching of new products was very successful and got positive feedback from the customers. Besides, the product segment management and the improvement of customer services were well implemented. Moreover, the Company has continuously emphasized on strengthening the brand perception, its reliability and quality of the products of which led the Company in implementing the related sales and marketing activities; and the Company also create the brand identity by launching new product designs by use of the Company’s emblem. This was also one of the reasons to increase the revenues from sales in 2017. In addition, the Company had a net profit of Baht 184.72 million, increased from year 2016 by Baht 27.44 million or increased by 17.45 percent. The major reasons of the increase in net profit were mainly due to an improvement of the inventory cost management, particularly for the main raw material cost, and the management of product mix efficiently.

On behalf of the Board of Directors (“the Board”), we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all stakeholders - shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and financial institutions, for your continued contribution and support. And please be confident that the company will operate our business conduct ethically in accordance with sustainability and principles of good corporate governance to establish a balance for developments between economy, society, and the environment to maximize benefits for all relevant parties. The Board will continue to commit its businesses with good corporate governance and in consideration of social responsibility for the optimal benefit of all stakeholders. We hope that you will continue to extend your support to help us develop and grow sustainably in the years ahead.

Manu Leopairote
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Viroj Phonprakit
Chairman of Executive Committee