The Jubilee Enterprise Public Company Limited has realized the good corporate governance under the SET’s guideline and regulation. The company believes that the good corporate governance can reflect the efficiency, transparency and accountability. This could build the trust and confidence to the shareholder, investor, stakeholder and other relevant parties leading to the growth of the company sustainably. The company has carried good corporate governance constantly with the hope that the Board and management team will comply and adopt with the good corporate governance which is in line with the international standards and enhance its in the future if it deems approapriate and consistent with the dynamic situations.

The company has the written policy on good corporate governance, notifies the Directors, Executives and employess to follow in order to build the work culture in the organization and enhances the effectiveness of the management system which is the fundamental of sustainability of the company. The Board, executives and employees have adhered the good corporate governance and disseminated this including the ethical code through the company website at

The company has realized and concentrated the shareholders’ right and does not violate or deprive shareholders’ rights as the owner of the Company. The company has also encouraged the shareholders to exercise their fundamental rights. Those rights are such as share exchange or transfer of shares, profit sharing, access of the information and meeting participation fot voting, appointing and removing the directors, appointing the auditor and approving the special resolution and etc. During 2019, the company organized and operated as follows;

Shareholder’s meeting

On 2019, the company organized the Annual General Meeting of shareholders with the following details:

  • The Annual General Meeting of shareholders in 2019 dated on Tuesday April 23, 2019 at 14.00 p.m. in Ballroom, 38 Fl., Pullman Bangkok G Silom located at No.188, Silom Rd., Bangkok 10500. Shareholders attended 73 in a person and by proxies 124 persons, totaling 197 persons which represented 107,391,108 shares or equal to 61.62% of the paid-up shares which met the quorum requirements set by the Company’s regulations, that demand presence, in person or by proxy, at least 25 shareholders whose aggregate number of shares must not be less than one-third of the Company’s authorized shares, 174,273,125 shares. In the meeting, the Board composed of the Chairman of the Board, the Directors and the Audit Committee totally 8 persons including the executives and the auditor participated in the meeting. The Chairman was acting as the Chairman of the meeting and followed all rules completely provided by law. The process of the meeting was as follows:
  • Prior to the meeting
    1. The company send the notice to the shareholders through the SET system so that the minority shareholders can acknowledge the right to propose the agenda in the meeting as well as the nomination to sit as the director according to the selection process provided by the company’s regulation and disseminated through the company’s website at There was no agenda or nomination to be appointed as the independent director in the 2019 annual general meeting of shareholders.
    2. The company disseminated the schedule and agendas of the meeting through the SET system and the company’s website in advance for 30 days prior to the meeting.
    3. The company send the invitation of the meeting indicated the venue, date, schedule and agendas including the Board’s comment in each particular agenda as well as the proxy form and annual report for further consideration. The letter and related documents was sent to all shareholders whose name appeared at the record date in order to to acknowledge in advance for 14 days and publicized in the daily newspaper for 3 days.
    4. The shareholders who cannot attend the meeting by themselves could send their proxy to act as an agent on their behalf in the meeting.
  • During the shareholders’ meeting
    1. The compamy facilitated the meeting to all shareholders with no preference and discrimination. There were the receptionists to assit the shareholders sufficiently. The shareholders could registered for the meeting at 12.30 p.m. which was 2 hours before the meeting. All Directors and Executives including the auditor joined the meeting altogether.
    2. The company applied the barcode system for the participartory registration and voting.
    3. The company organized to use the ballot in every agendas in oder to be transparent and accountable.
    4. Priot to the meeting, the Chair of the meeting inform the number of the participants and explain how to vote with the ballots to the self-participatory shareholders and proxies.
    5. The Chair of the meeting carried on the meeting as set in the invitation without changing the schedule and agendas or considering the other issues where were not in the agendas.
    6. The Chair of the meeting informed and clarified all agendas while all shareholders had equal rights to exercise and examine the company’s performance including to follow up and express their optinions. The meeting was recorded all substantive matter in the minute in order to check the correctness of the meeting.
    7. Any resolution shall be final by the majority vote. One share will be one vote for any resolutions unless it was about 2016 annual remuneration. The resolution was accorded by the two-third of the shareholders’ votes in the meeting while they were qualified to vote.
    8. Prior to vote, the Chairman of the meeting would allow the shareholders to ask the question and details for clarity.
    9. The Chairman of the meeting carried on the vote with the transparent manner.
    10. The meeting allowed the shareholders to appoint the individual directors.
    11. During the meeting, if there were any additional shareholders, the company shall recount the number of the shareholders and shares every time for any additions. The new comers shall vote only the agendas that have not been voted yet. In addition, the Chair of the meeting would conclude the vote in each agenda and inform the shareholders to acknowledge. Such information shall be indicated the number of the votes of approval, disapproval and absention.
  • After the meeting
    1. After the meeting, the company informed the resolutions through the SET system with the details of resolution and voting in each agenda to the public.
    2. The company made the written minute and diseeminated within 14 days after the meeting through the company’s website.

The company has treated all shareholders with equality and fairness no matter they are majority or minority shareholders, institutional investors or foreign investors and also ensured to the shareholders that the Board and management team have spent the capital appropriately because it believes that these are the key factors to build trust and investment in the company. The Board has responsibility to ensure that the shareholders’ fundamental rights will be protected and treated in the equal basis.

  • In terms of proposing the agendas and nomination for the 2019 annual general meeting of shareholders, the company sent the letter to the shareholders through the SET system and the company’s website in order to porpose the agendas according to the company’r regulation. This ensured that the minority shareholders can appoint the independent director for taking care their benefit on their behalf. Howevrer, there was no agenda or nomination to be appointed as the independent director in the 2019 annual general meeting of shareholders.
  • The Board organized the meeting that treated all shareholders to be treated equally and allowed the proxy to act as an agent on behalf of the shareholders through the Khor. Form (Proxy form) which was attached with the invitation letter for the meeting indicating the document / requirements including the process of authorization so that the shareholders could prepare with no problem during the meeting.
  • The Board acknowledged the connected transactions and considered the appropriateness of such transactions with prudence by following the SET and SEC regulations and disclosed the information related the name and relationship of connected person in the annual report and 56-1 Form so that the shareholders can check easily.
  • The company set the responsibilities of the Executives and department related to the confidentiality. The Directors, Executive or any person who hold the confidential information of the company shall not share nor disclose the information, which may cause an adverse impact to the general shareholders, to the outsiders or whom has no relevant duties unless it is for public dissemination according to the SET regulation.
  • The company provided that the Directors and Executives shall submit the securities holding report including the change of such holding to the company.

Measures to prevent the use of inside information by Directors, management, and employees for abusive selfdealing or for the others

The company shall not discriminate or treat inequally in favor for any other groups. All shareholders have rights to access the public information through certain channel with the equal basis. Such treatment shall be fair and enough for the information disclosure. The ways to access this information are as shown below:
    Tel : 02-625-1188 ext. 3100
    Website :
    E-mail address :

The company has policy to prohibit the Directors, Executives and employees using the inside information which is substantive and not publicly available for their self-interest or for the others including for the share trading. The measures to prevent such risk are as follows;

  1. Raise awareness to the Directors and Executives for the duty to submit the securities holding report for themselves, their spouses minors including the penalty according to the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 and the SET regulation;
  2. Provide the executives submit the securities holding report to the SEC according to Section 59 of the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 and the company at the same day;
  3. Inform the executives and employees that whoever holds the financial and other information of the company that is substantive and led to the price of the securities shall avoid to trade the company’s security within 1 month prior to disclose such information to the public and keep in confidentiality to the other persom.

If the Directors, Executives and employees fail to comply with the given measures, the company shall proceed the disclipinary action in various means as it deems appropriate. Such means are verbal warning, written warning, salary reduction, work suspension, termination without the compensation or prosecution. In 2016, there was no such act that violated the SEC and SET regulations nor did have the share trading by using the inside information conducted by the Directors and Executives within 30 days prior to inform the official company’s income through the SET system.

Information disclosure to the stakeholders

The Board agreed to have the guideline on the information disclosure to the Directors and Executives’ stakeholders for the sake of transparency and protection of the comflict of interest as follows;

  1. The Director shall inform the company promptly when the Director and its family members involve or hold the share in any businesses that may lead to the conflict of interest; or receive either direct or indirect benefit from any contracts where the company is the party; and or hold the company’s securities.
  2. In case that the employee and its family members involve or hold the share in any businesses that may be contradict to the company’s business, the employee shall inform in written to the CEO.
  3. The Director and Executive shall inform the information to the company’s Secretary and the Board and refrain to express any opinions or vote in any agendas that cause the conflict of interest.

The company has realized the environment and social responsibility including the interest in all groups and harmonized with them appropriately in order to ensure that all rights are protected and exercised. The company has provided the guideline to comply in order to respond the stakeholders’ needs clearly and disseminated it to the Board, Executives and employees to adhere and implement it as key compliance. The company added the good practice and developed the stakeholders’ treatment constantly. i.e., anti-corruption practice, prevention of the human rights abuses and efficient and worthwhile use of resources. The practice of good governance in different stakeholder shall be clarified below:

  • Shareholders - the company carried it business with integrity, openness and good governance in order to grow sustainably. The company also respects the shareholders’ rights disclosing the information for assessing the company management. Such information were the company’s performance, financial status and suppoting information disclosed within the due period in oder to be transparent and fairness with the shareholders.
  • Community and Environment - the company implemented the policy on Corporate Socia Responsibility : CSR, social focus and philanthropic activities into its business directed by the Board.
  • Customer - the company has dedicated to help the customer’s satisfaction with the porodcuts many factors, i.e., the condition of the product, the price, excellent service which respond its needs. The company has carried on its business with fairness and has a policy related to confidentiality and customer’s benefit as a priority. Also, the company has allowed the company to complain or ask for information all the time through various means such as Customer Center Tel. No. 02-625-1111, website, Instagram and facebook or etc.
  • Partner and/or Creditor - the company has treated the partner and/or the creditor according to the trade condition and agreement. The company shall not operate the business with the bad faith and cover any information or fact that could damage the creditor. The Executives or employees shall not ask for or accept assets or other benefits which are dishonest to trading with trade partners and/or creditor. In case there are grounds to believe that there is request or acceptance of assets or other benefits which are undue, company or the trade parner and/or the creditor shall jointly seek solutions and prevent the risk that will be arisen again the future. In addition, the company has complied with loan conditions, i.e., the purpose of the loan, payment, security, and other covenants, made with the financial institutions and it, previously, never breaches of contract with them before.
  • The company has performed it duty to the State by operating its business under the law and regulations strictly and coordinating to disclose the complete and correct information to the State when requested in order to be transparent, confident and credible.
  • Competitors - The company has conducted its business within a framework of free and fair competition by following the fair competition guideline and avoiding the dishonesty to destroy the opponents. The company had no trade dispute against the competitiors in the previous year.
  • Employees - the company has clear and concrete policy related to safety, welfare and employees’ benefits. The company has treated the Executives and employees equally and provided the reasonable bonus. The provident fund has been set up in order to secure the employees’ stability in the long term. The company has set the policy and practice realted to self-developments such as training, professional education for the the sale employees at the in-house or out-house including the personality development for the employees.

Whistle Blowing Policy

The Company gives importance to the participation of stakeholders in supporting the operation of the Company in order to build stability and sustainability of the Company by disclosing important business information to stakeholders sufficiently and transparently. The stakeholders, shareholders and investors can submit their comments, file a complaint or provide useful recommendations to add value to the Company by mailing to:

  1. Chairman or
  2. Chairman of Audit Committee or
  3. Audit Committee or
  4. Chief Executive Officer or
  5. Director of Internal Audit
  6. 1.By mail : Internal Audit Office
      Jubilee Enterprise Public Company Limited
      179 Bangkok City Tower, 10 th Floor,
    South Sathorn Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
    2.By telephone : 02-625-1188 extension 3102
    3.By email : E-mail address :

All mentioned person will send all information to Board of Director for consideration and will be treated as confidential.

The company has ensured that the financial report and corporate information are provided correctly, accurately and on time through the SET channels and the company’s website at constantly.

  • The company believes that the quality of the financial report is significant for the shareholders and outsiders. The Board, then, shall ensure that the information in the report is correct, consistent with the auditing standards. Moreover, it also shall be examined by the independent auditor appointed by the Audit Committee composing of the independent directors who are in charge of financial report and internal control. In addition, the Board, Audit Committee and the auditor’s reports shall be appeared in the annual report.
  • The investor relations is responsible for communicating and supplying the important information to the investors, shareholders, securities analyst, and investors. The activities related with the investor relations in 2019 were as follows;
    1. To attend the Opportunity Day for 4 times
    2. To attend the Analyst Meeting for 4 times

For communication between the company, shareholders and investors, please contact Ms. Tanaporn Tana-Arpapong, Chief Financial Officer or E-mail at:

The Board has duty and responsibility to conduct good governance in order to take reasonable care to the shareholders and stakeholder such as business strategy, performance assessment and business transparency.

The Board has leadership, vision and independent to determine the maximum interest of the company and shareholders overall. It then divides duties and responsibilities between the Board and management team clearly and ensures that the business is carried on lawfully and ethically.

The Board composes of 50% independent directors who are qualified and experiences in meaningful way for the company. They have dedicated and put their effort to strengthen the growth of the company.

Role, Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board considers and determines the business operation such as vision and mission, strategy, financial goal, risk, plan and budget, etc. including to supervises, controls and ensures that the management team will follow the policy and plan as provided effectively and efficiently.

  • To comply its responsibilities with due diligence and integrity including to follow the law, purpose, company’s regulation and the Board and shareholders’ resolutions with the concern of the shareholders’ interest fairly and to reasonably conduct under the same circumstances. During 2019, the company lawfully carried on its business and did not violate the SEC and SET regulations.
  • To promote and approve the policy on the good governance in written and to monitor such policy at least once a year.
  • To prepare the ethical code in written for all Directors, Executives and employees to understand the ethical standard that the company applies in its operation and to ensure the strict compliance.
  • To consider the conflict of interest by having the clear guideline and focusing the company and shareholders’ interest mainly while the stakeholder has no participation to make decision unless it is the transaction that has commercial terms as those an ordinary person would agree with unrelated counterparty under similar circumstances, on the basis of commercial negotiation and without any dependent interest resulted from the status of the Directors, Executives or related person, as the case may be, or it is the commercial agreement approved from the Broad or accorded to the principle that has been approved by the Board as well as to supervise the complicance, disclosure information related to the conflict of interest accurately and completely.
  • To have the control system in finance and legal and policy compliance and provide the independent person or department monitoring the control system as well as to review such system at least once a year.
  • To consider the overall Risk Management by allowing the management team being in charge of complying and reporting the Board regularly and to review the system and assess such risk management periodically whether the risk has been changed including to alert in precaution and certain unusual transactions.
  • To consider the criteria and forms of remuneration for the Board, the President and approve the remuneration of the President while the Directors and the Board’s remuneration will be proposed and approved by the shareholders’ meeting.
  • To consider the criteria and the process of the Directors and Executives selection including to nominate the candidates according to the selection process and propose to the shareholders’ meeting for the appointment.

Term of Office of Directors

The Company does not specify the age of a director and/or the highest number of terms which a director can hold office continuously because of the belief that age or the duration of service is not as important as valuable knowledge and experiences each director bring for the benefit of the Company.

Directors’ nomination and selection process is treated with fair and transparent without domination of authorized person of the company.

In every Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, one-third of directors are to retire. If the number of the directors is not divisible, the number of retiring directors is to be closest to the one-third ratio.

Termination of the Board of Directors

Apart from the termination of the Board of Directors because of completing the term according to the Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2551 (2008), A directors shall vacate office upon:

  1. death;
  2. resignation;
  3. being disqualified or being under any of the prohibitions under section 68 of the Public Limited Companies Act, B.E. 2535 (1992);
  4. removal by a resolution of the meeting of shareholders under section 76 of the Public Limited Companies Act, B.E. 2535 (1992);
  5. removal by a court order.

Board of Directors’ Meeting

  • The company provides the Board of Directors’ meetings in advance at least once a quarter and notifies the schedule together with the agendas and other supplementary document prior to the meeting so that the Directors can participate and prepare for the meeting.
  • The Chairman of the Board and CEO shall consider the agendas for the meeting by ensuring that the matter issues have been inserted. In addition, each Director is independent to propose its agenda in the meeting.
  • The Chairman of the Board shall have sufficient time to manage the meeting compared with the agendas and debate among the Directors and encourage the Directors to make a decision with prudence and pay attention to proposed agendas including the good govenrnace.
  • Every year, the independent directors shall have their own meeting if they deem appropriate in order to discuss certain issues related to management without management team.
  • The Board shall encouragethe President to invite the Executives participating the Board of Directors’ meetings in order to provide additional input as they have direct involvement.
  • The Board shall access the additional information if it deems necessary from the President or other Executives or any authorized person within the scope of the policy as provided.

Specific Roles and Duties of the Board of Directors

The Company clearly specifies and separates the power of the Board of Directors from the Management in each level. The consideration of any important issues must be approved by the Board of Directors and subcommittee so as to balance the power and ensure transparency and fairness to all related parties.

Combination or Separation of Positions

The policy of the Company is to separate the responsibilities of the Chairman of the Board of Director from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), both of whom have to be knowledgeable and capable, be equipped with suitable experiences and qualifications and must not be the same person. The governance and management responsibilities have been separated in order to create a balance of power

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is to be an Independent Director and Non-Executive Director and not be the same person as the Chief Executive Officer or be a member in any subcommittees. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is responsible for

  1. To call and to act as Chairman of the Board of Directors’ Meeting;
  2. To promote and oversee the highest standards of corporate governance within the Board and the Company;
  3. To act as Chairman of the Shareholders’ Meeting
  4. To monitor the efficiency of the communication between shareholders and director

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the head of the Management and is responsible for supervising the operation and performance of the Company in order to be in line with the vision, mission and policy of the Board of Directors, following up the performance of the Management, arranging a monthly meeting to discuss the progress of the operation and performance of the Company and distributing power to the Management regarding the duties, responsibilities and budget approval limit.

Self-evaluation of the Directors

The company shall evaluate the Directors’ performance every year in order to compare in each category and year of performance. This is aimed for improving and developing the Directors’ performance in line with the good practice of directorship.

Evaluation of Chief Executive Officer

The company shall evaluate the President’s performance every year based on the goal and criteria of the evaluation connected with the achievement of the plan.

Role, Duties and Responsibilities of the Audit Committee

In order to be effective and efficient for the Board’s performance, the Board then has appointed the Audit Committee to assist in the financial report, internal control system and legal, regulation and ethical compliance for the good governance. The Internal Control shall submit its report to the Audit Committee to examine if the compliance has been done, how the result is as well as how it shall propose the recommendation and assess the quality of the Audit Committee’s report.

The Board of Directors will appoint the Audit committee. They are qualified according to the SEC and SET and consisted of 3 persons. One person among them, at least, is expertise in accounting and finance.

The Audit Committee shall be responsible for complying and performing as assigned by the Board while the responsibility in all kinds of business operation toward outsiders shall be subject to the whole Board.


  • The director’s remuneration shall be in comparison with other companies that are similar size, experiences, mission, scope of accountability and responsibility including the expected benefit and the additional task of from each Director. i.e, the Director who is sitting in the Audit Committee shall have additional remuneration.
  • CEO’s remuneration shall be based on the principle and policy provided by the Board and the maximum benefir of the company. However, the remuneration in the form of salary, bonus and long-term incentive shall be consistent with the company’s performance.
  • Other remuneration - None

Development of the Directors and Executives

The Board provides the orientation to all new directors in order to prepare and understand the nature of the business and performance. The company’s Secretary will coordinate following matters;

  1. Business structure, Direcotor structure, scope of duties and responsibilities and relevant law
  2. General business and guideline for business operation

The company encourages all Directors including the Secretary to have a training from the Thai Institute of Directors and other institutes in order to understand and develop the good governance system in the current situation. During 2017, all Directors have passed the training from such institute.

Orientation of New Directors

In case of new directors, the Company has identified the guideline to prepare the newcomers to be able to perform the duty as a director immediately. The Secretary of the Company will be responsible for:

  1. providing the legal information of the Company as well as other information such as the Articles of Association, the objectives of the Company, the organization structure and the Code of Business Conduct
  2. arranging a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Board of Directors, subcommittees and the Company’s executives to be informed of the operations of the Company.

Executive Succession Planning

The executive succession planning is made in order to ensure that the company will have the Executive who is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced to perform its duties and responsibilities. The executive succession planning has been prepared as follows:

  1. The Board provides the executive’s capacity training for the preparation of the executive succession planning in all positions.
  2. The Board assigns HR to follow up the training and develop the knowledge and capacity of the successor.
  3. The Board provides all directors attending the Executives’ meeting in order to understand the experience and prepare to manage the organization in the future.

Conflict of Interest

In order to prevent the conflict of interest, the company then provides the guideline for the Directors, Executives and employees to comply as follows;

  1. No Director may either carry on or accociate as a partnership or hold the shares in any business of the same nature and compete against the company unless he or she notifies the meeting of shareholders prior to the resolution for his or her appointment.
  2. Management and employees must not use insider information for either trading the Company's securities or damaging the shareholders. Such use shall be included to information disclosure to the relevant person.
  3. In case that the company has connected transaction report or acquisition or disposal of material assets, the Directors and management tram shall comply the compnay’s procedure: organizing the meeting to consider and shape the report; examining and passing the report from the Audit Committee with the concern of the maximum interest of the company and shareholders; avoiding to participate in the meeting if the Directors or Executives have a conflict; supervising to comply with the provided procedures once the report get approval by the Directors; and disclosing it through various channels in order to acknowledge entensively and equally.
  4. Directors, Executives and employees shall not make use of opportunities or data derived from their directorship, executive position or job performance, for their own or other people’s benefits, by entering a business that competes with the company or related businesses

Information Disclosure on the Conflict of Interest

The company has provided the Directors and Executives to prepare and disclose the conflict of interest report. Such report shall be submitted to the Internal Control who can supervise and cope with the conflict of interest. Previously, the conflict of interest was not yet existed.

Acquisition Report of Directors and Executives

The directors and executives have the responsibility to provide an acquisition report and acquisition changes report in accordance with Section 59 of Securities and Exchange Act B.E. 2535 to the Securities and Exchange Commission within three days of the buying, selling, transferring and accepting transfer. They are also to refrain from trading securities of the Company during the period of one month before the disclosure of the financial statements to the public.

In 2019, there is the total of four acquisition reports of the directors and their spouse and executives of the Company as follows:1 st reported as at March 31 st 2019, 2 nd reported as at June 30 th 2019, 3 rd reported as at September 30 th 2019, 4 th reported as at December 31 st 2019.


On 31 st December, 2019, the company have had 393 employees which can be listed down according to the following departments:

Department Number of employees
2017 2018 2019
Marketing and Product Development 18 23 32
Sale and Promotion 274 285 290
Production 25 30 29
Accounting / Finance 24 22 25
Human resources and General administration 15 15 17
Total 356 375 393

Cash remuneration

Type of remuneration 2017 2018 2019
Salary and Bonus 94.55 105.52 122.82
Commission fee 37.67 37.84 42.92
Provident fund 1.72 1.88 2.07
Employee’s welfare 10.88 9.97 14.56
Total 144.82 155.21 182.37

The company has promoted the employee’s welfare based on the economy and livelihood such as

  • Employee’s uniform
  • Provident fund
  • Medical reimbursement/ Collective health care insurance
  • Loan for Employee
  • Grant-in-aid for certain occasions such as wedding, funeral and ordination/ Grant-in-aid for victim in the emergency situations such as inundation, conflagration and etc.
  • Leisure activities for the purpose of the employee solidarity and coordination such as New year celebration or other congratulation events.

Employee recruitment and selection

The company emphasizes in employee recruitment by providing the test to check the knowledge, capacity, attitude and skill in each position and expects all employees to be skillful and happy to work.

Human Resource Development Policy

The company pays attention to develop the employee’s capacity in knowledge, mentlal health and ethic. Awards such as Best seller, Best employee in the category of behavior, virtue and ethic will be given for the purpose of moral support based on the generousness toward colleague and customer and work behavior/discipline.

The company has orientation for new employees and training for a whole year. Also it has constantly encourgared them to participate the meeting, seminar and academic training related to the work directly and indirectly in order to develop their capacity and prepare for the industrial competition.

Apart from training and employee development, the company also concerns the career progression in each profession. It has provided preparation plan for the employees who have progression and grow together with the achievement of the company. The progression can be based on weakness improvement, strength enhancement and selfevaluation as well as the supervisor’s evaluation. Moreover, it also has provided an opportunity for the employees to prove their wisdom during the work so that they can be promoted in the upper level and stay with the company for long.

Quality of Working Life and Organizational Commitment

The company created several activities for employee’s participation such as between employee vs. employee, Executive vs. Non executive. All activities, on the job training and off the job training, workshop, new year party, company trip etc. The company trust that communication and participation will be able to reach the company’s goal.

Safety and Health At Work Policy

The company is continuously improve quality of working life and environment at workplace for employee concerned the sanitation and safety of life and property; and join the campaign against drugs and all vices.

The company has noticed the Safety and Health at Work Committee according to Labour Protect Act B.E. 2541 which consist of 5 committee as follows:

  1. Ms. Ornrat Pornprakit: Representative of Management
  2. Ms. Sunee Supaphol: Representative of Supervisor
  3. Ms. Yupawan Triamlumlert: Representative of Employee
  4. Ms. Varin Keawthai: Representative of Employee
  5. Ms. Jitpisut Khummoontrie: Representative of Employee


  1. To consider policy and plan for improving safety and employee health at work.
  2. To report and give recommendation to employer
  3. To support all activities for improving safety and employee health at work
  4. To provides manual for Safety and Health At Work
  5. To audit the practicle of plan and activities for improving safety and employee health at work
  6. To submit all plan and activities to employer
  7. To set up the process of complaint from employees
  8. To monitor the progress of the plan and activities
  9. To report day to day operation according to committee’s resolution
  10. To evaluate the result of the plan and activities for safety and employee health at work
  11. Other tasks depends on assignment

In 2016, the record of accident and dangerous toward employee health at work with 0 percent.

Drug Abuse Protection At Work Policy

According to government policy for Drug Enforcement as it threat to Health and Public Safety, Jubilee Enterprise Public Company Limited has agreed to set up Drug Abuse Protection At Work Policy as following

  1. Management Team must be the role model, give advice, support treatment of rehabilitation.
  2. Employee should be participate for Drug Abuse Protection,
  3. Employee must cooperate with the company’s drug detection.
  4. Employee must cooperate with government sector.

The company has noticed the importance of Drug Abuse Protection and appoint the committee as following :

  1. Ms. Ornrat Pornprakit (President of the committee)
    Channel Strategic Manager
  2. Ms. Sirinadda Kaweewattana (Secretary of the committee)
    Secretary of the Executive Committee
  3. Ms. Panaiyada Liang-amnuay (Administrator of the academic)
    HR Director
  4. Ms. Chanida Laeidtanakit (Administrator of the activities)
    Assistant Manager - Talent & Acquisition
  5. Ms. Warapapha Phonprasert (Administrator of the public relation)
    Receptionist & Admin
  6. Ms. Tanaporn Tana-Arpapong (Employer representative)
    Chief Financial Officer


  1. To consider policy and plan for drug abuse protection at work
  2. To operate according to the plan and policy
  3. To support activities for for drug abuse protection at work
  4. To train and give knowledge of the importance of drug abuse problemas it threat to Health and Public Safety
  5. To coordinate with the government sector and cooperate with the company’s drug detection with no execuse.